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  • Offered Daily
  • Tips not included in the ticket price!
Adult Tips not included
Child Tips not included

The Spookiest of Tours!

Listen to the history and explore the mysteries of Arizona’s “Wickedest Town in the West!” Our billion dollar copper camp was once home to 15,000+ people and shrank to only 250. Some of those people came for the money. Some came for the adventure, and, a few may be left behind! This 1.5 hour shuttle/walking tour explores the darkest of Jerome’s history and will answer your questions as to why Jerome may be so haunted. We will provide you, your group, or family with an interesting and interactive event!

We will provide E.M.F. meters upon request and explain:

  • Areas associated with paranormal activity
  • Former places of joy, hardship, and suffering
  • The “Cribs” District
  • The “Sliding Jail” in Jerome